75% Done… Forever

No program is ever really finished. You work on it and you work on it until you get tired of it and abandon it or maybe you never get tired of it and you never stop working on it. I suppose some really trivial programs get finished. Ones that just read a file and spit out another version of that file or something. But I’ve written few that fall into that category, most of my programs are never finished.
HotSheet falls into that category. I’m looking at it and all the work that still remains to be done on it and I just can’t believe it. I am going to do another release of the source code soon but it will probably be the first one I’ve done where I knew there were bugs in it and I needed to just make it available because it was a big improvement over what is already out there, bugs or not. I’m tired of working on it, but if I stop there is no guarantee that anyone else will ever take it over and finish it, and it needs to be finished to really be useful to people. Sigh…