AI Outside of Old Star Trek

Although the rest of this writeup of this years Loebner AI Challenge was pretty dry, the ending made me laugh. It’s a short read.
True story related to the above article: Once upon a time, years and years ago, Marvin Minsky came down here to Fort Worth to our Science and History museum. I think we had a big computer history exhibit at the time and he delivered a talk about artificial intelligence and then answered questions from the audience. After his talk I had my question all ready, “Do you consider the Turing Test a valid test of AI in a machine and if not, is there something better?” However, I was just a kid and Minsky apparently decided he would rather pick total freakin’ idiots from the audience than me. The best of the lot was something about “human engrams” (or something like that) being imprinted on machines to give them emotions, personality, etc. Minsky asked the guy where he got his question from and the fellow replied, “a Star Trek episode where they did that.” Uh huh….
I guess the article itself finally answers part of my question because I now know that Minsky thinks the Turing Test is stupid but I still don’t know if he thinks there is something better.