Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

The W3C has made Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) an official recommendation. Now we can expect Microsoft to implement it in IE two to three years from now and do so very very badly, just as IE 6.0 can’t even handle XML and XSL 1.0 specs long long after they were released. Hopefully Mozilla will do much better.
In the meantime, Adobe has released a beta of the next version of their plugin for handling SVG in IE. If you aren’t boycotting Adobe, as many people are for their DMCA actions, you can get it here.
Screwed up companies like Microsoft and Adobe aside, there are lots and lots of uses for XML vector graphics in applications. You can use SVG to lay out reports, generate images programmatically for websites, as a replacement for Flash, use it as a lingua franca file format to replace .CDR and .AI files, or you could even use it as the foundation of a graphics system like NeXT did with Postscript.