Monthly Archives: September 2001

Source for HotSheet

The source code for HotSheet has been downloaded exactly 300 times. Some of those were doubtless the same people downloading different revisions but nevertheless we can safely say that 200+ people have probably wanted the source at one time or another.
Is anybody doing anything with it? I have to wonder because nobody ever contacts me about it. I know that technically they don’t have to, they could go ahead and incorporate it into a commercial program and not give me the time of day. But I’d love to know if somebody, anywhere found some use for the RSS library portion of it or is trying to rip some other part of it out or learn something from it.

Enterprise Premiere

The premiere of Enterprise kicked ass. If you ignore the original Star Trek for the moment then they’ve tried to bring out four different series so far, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. With ST:TNG we had to suffer through two bad years before they got their characters figured out and started to make good shows. DS9 was really quite good early on but it never caught on with the public the way it should have. Voyager, ohh boy, what a train wreck that was. But Enterprise managed to have a premiere that was better than ST:TNG was three or four years in. If they can sustain this and make it still better, they will have a real hit on their hands. Even my wife, who does not like Star Trek, thought it was good.

Sprint Sponsoring Java Contest

Sprint is sponsoring a Java programming contest because the next generation phones they are rolling out next year feature J2ME. Obviously I think that is an excellent development, unfortunately the contest itself suffers from horrible execution. For example, your entry becomes their property whether you win anything or not. And you have to attend their developers conference in order to even submit your entry?!? No, I think it best to give this contest a skip but lets just admire Sprint for their wise choice of the best technology for embedding in their future phones.
There is a new release of my favorite file sharing program LimeWire Version 1.7 adds useful new features but the most important change is that it is now open source! Yippee! I hope somebody adds mousewheel scrolling using JMousewheel and allows installation via JNLP so I can be automatically upgraded when there is a new version.

The Mono Project

The Mono project is an attempt to create an open source, portable version of Microsoft’s .NET framework. They announced a version 0.7 release that has some early work on the just-in-time compiler (JIT) as well as various other improvements. I’m not necessarily recommending this for use for anything, heck, I think .NET is a huge rabbit hole that a lot of programmers are going to break a leg in. But I find all of this interesting and you don’t applaud for a dancing bear because he dances well

Tomcat 4/AMD For Next Machine/Mozilla 0.9.4

Apache’s Jakarta project has released Tomcat 4! It features all the latest Sun specification versions for JSP and Servlets and has twice your recommended daily allowance of buzzwords. Doubtless we will see a release of JBoss that incorporates it momentarily.
I’ve been thinking that my next machine (unlikely to come until late next year) might be the first to have a non-Intel processor in it. I’ve got an AMD in my machine at work and it has very nice performance. Then I saw this article from Tom’s hardware on how processors behave in response to a failed heat sink. 600+ degrees F. Damn, that’s warm.
So I’m not discarding my idea of getting an AMD by any means but if I do get one I’m going to pay a hell of a lot more attention to the heat sink I buy for it than I have ever paid before.
I know it’s redundant to even say that a program is getting better and better and bugs are getting killed with each new release but I wanted to briefly sing the praise of Mozilla 0.9.4. Even though the difference in the 0.9.X point releases would seem small, you can really see that it just keeps getting more and more stable and works better and better. I use it for about 95% of my browsing now, and in fact, I get annoyed when I hit sites like Bank of America that refuse to let me use it.

New HotSheet Release

There’s a new release of HotSheet out. It should auto-download and install whenever you next run it but I did encounter an error on one machine where I had to try running it a couple of times before it downloaded. I have no idea why.
The new release displays its progress on the status bar at the bottom as it pulls news channels. Unless people come up with bugs, this will be considered the next official version and a source release will be done soon.