Working on New Features

I’ve been working on a new release of HotSheet the last few days. I had originally planned to have it ready by Friday but now it’s looking like it won’t even be done until Friday so a few days of testing will push it into next week. On the plus side though, one of the developers has already done some work that will help in two areas:

  1. It will give us a big list of channels to choose from. This is really important for the popularity of the project because it will mean that the average person can use it simply by selecting some channels that interest him or her.
  2. I can use it to test the compatability of the RSS parsers with the channels that are out there. After I get the new code I’m going to use it to try and parse every single channel in our new list (which will include hundreds of channels). The results of that test will tell me where I can look to find bugs in the parsers and also, which subset of channels we can include in our initial list.

Believe it or not, I’ve also been working on my Virtual Cardboard program to play collectible card games over the Internet. I dug out my old notes and I’ve isolated the three or four problems that I will have to solve to be able to build the program. I’ve also done some UML diagramming to start laying out the classes in the program, communication, etc. With luck I might have some object diagrams or other material available next week.
Speaking of Virtual Cardboard, doesn’t that name just suck? I’ve been trying to come up with something better but so far I haven’t gotten any inspiration.