Java Outline Editor

Well, I’ve got one vote for “do the game” so far and since I’m going to do both projects eventually so I thought I’d do project pages for each one and provide some more information about each.
I found a nifty tool called the Java Outline Editor (JOE) for creating outlines. It’s written in Java and a fairly easy install (not HotSheet easy, but still easy 🙂 It stores the outlines using OPML format and I’m currently using it to create a complete outline of my resources page. Once I have that in an OPML file I should be able to apply an XSL stylesheet to update my resources page. In its current form the resources page is actually out of hand. I had a bug in the hand written HTML for the page that caused Netscape on Linux to just display a big blank page. The only reason that bug was there is because it’s difficult to keep track of all that text and hierarchy of HTML tags intermixed.