Panoramic Pictures

Here are those promised panoramas to show off the software I mentioned the other day. Keep in mind that these are basically the first two attempted panoramas I’ve ever shot with the camera, it was the first real outing for a brand new digital camera, and my first shot at using the software. Nevertheless the results aren’t half bad. That tells you what somebody who really was serious at shooting a great panorama with a good camera could produce.
Here’s the room we stayed in at a bed and breakfast in Granbury, TX (The Pomegranate House):

and here is one side of the Granbury town square. It has a heavy duty tilt to it because I was sitting on a bench perpendicular to the street when I took it and I took half the pictures basically in front of me and the other half tilted back and twisted over the bench:

Each panorama was originally four separate images and in each you can see some slight discontinuities in the final panorama (the sky on one and the ceiling on the other show some small problems). But a little cleanup work with a paint program would probably fix both images right up. I just wanted to show what could be done with without retouching. In each case all I had to do was mark about four points in the area where one image overlapped the one next to it. Those four points were identified in both images and then the software was told to generate the final results with just two menu commands. After that the results were cropped and that’s it, no touch up was necessary to get to this result.