Lots of JNLP Resources

Good grief. I think I’m going to have to open a new resource section just to deal with all the:
a) Directories of Java programs available via JNLP
and b) projects associated with JNLP
Add to that list Jsh : OpenSource Java Shell. This one has several twists on the usual theme of supporting JNLP because it tries to run multiple Java programs in a single VM in order to speed up launching and reduce memory requirements. In addition, it supports regular Java applications in addition to JNLP ones.
Also, another directory of JNLP applications. This one is called Puzzlecode. They read my description the other day of the kind of features a better JNLP directory would have and it was indicated that I should keep an eye on them to maybe see some of those features in the future. I certainly hope that’s the case.