Source Release/Another JNLP Directory

The source zip to the latest version of HotSheet is available on SourceForge. Just follow this link to the SourceForge project.
Is there going to be a war waged to be the central directory of all Java apps at some point in the future and nobody told me? I ask because I just found another new directory to compete with the Connect & Work External Catalog. It’s called and although its HTML is not nearly as polished, it has managed to find some new links to applications that I’ve not seen before. The sad part is that so many of the things you see right now available via Java Web Start are just proof-of-concept things. Most aren’t complete enough to really attract people to the format. What is needed is a Freenet install, Photomesa, Limewire, and more real world tools and utilities that would attract end users to download and install Java Web Start or OpenJNLP in the first place.