“Where’s the source John?”

“Where’s the source John?”
That’s a fair question considering that I uploaded a new version of HotSheet Thursday but haven’t released the source for it yet. I delayed thinking I could get something in the build file that would automatically increment a build number every time there was a successful build. Unfortunately, that looks to be a little harder than I thought. Then I vegged over the weekend and went to the Dave Matthews concert last night. So I accomplished absolutely zero this weekend.
I’ll just zip everything up and put it out there tonight. I promise. It won’t have auto-incrementing build numbers but that’s not exactly critical. More important will be utilizing the new events/listeners to change the way channel refreshes are done. Currently everything is very sequential and linear: retrieve a channel, parse the channel, update the model, go to next channel, repeat.
That’s great when everything is working, but you have problems like the one today where BetaNews seems to be down. They aren’t serving up the page that HotSheet expects and since I currently rely on the JAXP code to do both the retrieval and parsing I don’t have any way to tell it to just timeout if the URL can’t be retrieved in a timely manner. As a result HotSheet effectively hangs waiting for something to happen on that channel and never gets to other channels that it could actually retrieve.