Big Changes for HotSheet

There’s a new release of HotSheet on the server (upgrade is automatic next time you run it). It has several big changes:

  • News items are automatically filtered out and not added to the list if they’ve been added before. You can now refresh without clearing the list and not get duplicates!
  • The released version will show both the current version number and the build number in the about box.
  • (For Developers) There is a standard Java events and listeners system in the RSS library now. You can listen to events on the ItemStore and ChannelStore and just react to them if that is a more natural model for your program. There is also a new demonstration program that shows events and listeners and demontrates the basics of using the item and channel stores.
  • (For Developers) The demonstration programs have been broken out into their own jar to make HotSheet a smaller deployment.

Don is going to tell me how to add the needed items to the Ant build file to get the version number and build number in the about box. After that I’ll do a source release as well (hopefully by Saturday).