Updated Project Page/Digital Camera

I’ve updated the project page for HotSheet. It now shows screenshots of HotSheet running on Windows and Mac OS X (thanks Morbus!) as well as updates to some of the text on the page and a link to OpenJNLP for Mac users.
Finally bought a digital camera and it’s not one of the fancy ones I had been planning to buy. Originally I had planned on buying either the Nikon Coolpix 990 or the Olympus 3030. Both are 3.3 megapixel cameras with loads of features and very high image quality. Unfortunately both are also more than $600 and Rockelle and I are finding ourselves frustrated by not having a real digital camera (my son’s JamCam toy not counting). So instead the initial winner is the Kodak DC 3200 1 megapixel camera which sold for $129 from OfficeDepot. After having used it the only think I can complain about is the lack of a USB connection to the camera (which oddly enough, the JamCam has). Downloading images over serial is really pretty dark ages but it won’t be an impediment for long because it takes CompactFlash cards and we intend to get one and a USB reader (probably from Lexar) to expand the number of images we can take and speed their download significantly.