Venus Application Publisher and JNLP Catalog

Been wanting to package up your application using a nifty JNLP file so users can download, install and run your program with a single click of the mouse? But you just aren’t sure you want to spend the time to learn how to build a JNLP file? Try the Venus Application Publisher! (Note: I can’t personally vouch for this application, I built the JNLP file for HotSheet by hand. But it sure looks neat and I think it would be hard to screw a program like that up. Plus the author seems to have four other JNLP related programs on his website as well.)
Once you have your program all ready to go off of a website, send a link to it to the Connect & Work External Catalog. They maintain a list of Java applications that can be run via JNLP and news about JNLP and the various installation programs that can use it (e.g. Java Web Start or OpenJNLP).
P.S. I’ve already sent them an email telling them about the Poseidon UML editor, HotSheet, and the Batik demo application. I’m sure they’ll get them in the catalog soon.