Interesting Articles:

The Java Technologies Behind the New Developer Forums Part I
Deploying Forums on Your Site Using Jive
Two recent articles from Sun told not only that they had abandoned their pathetic old forum software but they had replaced it with the open source alternative Jive. I’ve gone to new forums and all I have to say is, “Hallelujah!”

The first article focuses on Sun’s needs with regard to forum software and what changes that necessitated in Jive and the second article is focused on how to use Jive forum software yourself. Note that the version of Jive that Sun says they are running is 2.0 and at the time of this writing the Jive site says that you do not actually have permission to deploy 2.0 because it’s not ready yet. I’m guessing that Sun gets special permissions the rest of us don’t 🙂

Tapestry: A centralized user management system
Not to be confused with the Tapestry: Java Web Components project, this Tapestry is a Java based system for keeping track of users in a system. Don and I had observed a long time ago that users and groups of users exist in many different systems. Our solution was a nifty set of database tables and stored procedures that Don created and we all refined over a several year period that has served us well for several web based applications and websites (though there is nothing web specific about any of it).