GBA/Old Friend/HotSheet Alternative

Whoops, a few days ago I incorrectly stated that Gameboy Advance would be released July 13th when the correct date was of course June 13th. The premiere of the new Dr. Who audio episode will be on July 13th as stated.
Today was an odd “finding” day for me. First I found an old friend on the net. I spotted an article over on Java World which had a familiar name and when I pursued it I verified that it was a friend I had attended Rice with from ’83-’87.
Then a little later I found another Java project on SourceForge which is designed to download news off of sites around the web. Sound familiar? 🙂 It sure does, so I emailed one of the principals to see if there is any chance we can work together on one tool or at least find ways to share some of our work so we both end up with better software.