JavaHelp/Why Do Java Paint Programs Suck?

Could somebody please explain any of the following to me?

  • Why does Sun have the JavaHelp system if they aren’t even going to use it themselves? When you download documentation for the Sun JDK your available options are PostScript/PDF or HTML (nearly 7,000 files of HTML!). No JavaHelp option where we might have searchable documentation. Instead, Sun offers a link to a third party gizmo called DocFather that you are supposed to download if you want to be able to search the documentation?!? What the hell is that all about?
  • And why does every Java paint program on the web have to look like this? That’s not painting, that’s Etch-A-Sketch with color selection. Yet there are dozens of applets on the net exactly like that one.

    Java 2D has enough built in features to help you construct Adobe Photoshop if you are so inclined and anything it doesn’t have is contained in the new Image I/O API or the Java Advanced Imaging API. So why don’t we have a real Java paint program?