AmphetaDesk Update/Java and Games

Correction: I mistakenly said that AmphetaDesk is written in Python. It is actually written in Perl. I also received word from the author that he plans proxy support in a later version (both AmphetaDesk and Peerkat could not be run from work because they had problems with the proxy server there).
Sun has been making various rumbling noises lately about games. That they intend to take games more seriously than they have before. In fact, they seem to have arrived at the point that Microsoft arrived at many years back when they finally threw away all their laughable half-assed attempts at games and settled down to do DirectX. Let’s hope that Sun can learn from Microsoft in this case and produce some really good cross platform game libraries with some consistency to them. Good documentation and examples wouldn’t hurt either. This article on IBM’s developerWorks website summarizes some of the recent announcements from Sun with regard to Java gaming. The resources section at the bottom of the article has links to items mentioned in the text.