Resources Page Makeover

The resources page has gotten a much needed makeover (there’s now a linked category list at the top) and I’ve got at least two dozen new entries that I’ll be adding tomorrow. The entries are already written but the HTML is only about half done so it will just have to wait. Also, look for some news feeds to start appearing on the main page shortly thereafter.
Tried out a couple of other RSS tools (i.e. not HotSheet). Both AmphetaDesk and Peerkat are written in Python and both are no-fee open source projects. Each is oriented around using the browser as the user interface. Personally I’ve found developing browser interfaces to be twice as hard as doing a conventional interface using a tool like Swing and the results aren’t nearly as good. However both tools get the job done to let you build a list of news channels and sydicate them to a page they create. Plus, both could be put onto a home or work machine that was always on and had a permanent Internet connection and they could be administered from anywhere. You can’t do that right now with HotSheet. In fact, I wouldn’t even try to do it with HotSheet, I’d build another application using the RSS library in HotSheet to do something like that if I had an interest.