BSF for Java Scripting

I hope to eventually add scripting capabilities to HotSheet and also to another project I’m working on now. Over on Windows the best way to add scripting support to your application is to use ActiveX Scripting. Then you can support either VBScript or JScript or one of a few other third party choices like PythonScript.
The Java equivalent to ActiveX Scripting is IBM’s Bean Scripting Framework (BSF). It allows you to choose between quite a few different scripting languages for your program so users don’t have to know one particular language you chose but rather can use one that they are already familiar with if it is supported by the BSF. All well and good except that the BSF page only mentions Python support through the older JPython. The project that replaces it, Jython, which is currently supporting Python 2.0 and has beta versions that are closely tracking the current language isn’t mentioned at all so I wasn’t sure it would be available if I used the BSF in my programs. However, I ran across this today and it not only tells me that it is possible but how to do it. Now I can feel comfortable using the BSF as my scripting extension.