There’s a new release of JBoss out. JBoss 2.2.2 has various bug fixes and you can download a version that is integrated with the new Tomcat 3.2.2 release.
What is QUB? QUB is a universal boardgame engine that lets you put the pieces and board for any game into it and it manages all the graphics and helps you play a game on the computer. While it currently has no real-time network support (no playing Ogre in a half hour against an old friend half way across the country at lunch), it is suitable for play-by-mail gameplay now. Since it’s an open source project it is also likely to get somebody interested enough to try and add that network support.
The bad news? I’ll let the developers tell you that one:
QUB is written under Linux, but it uses very little Unix-specific code. It should be possible to get it compiling under Win32, if we can get our hands on a Qt Win32 lib to link against. If you would be interested in doing this… (hint, hint).
That’s a word I love to hear, “possible”. WoW! You mean I can try and hack your code into working on Windows! Or the Mac! And do it again for Solaris! And god-knows-what else! Bestill my heart. Or better yet, drop the language with no support for the net, no cross platform capabilities, no built in UI functions at all and move to Java, or even Perl or Python for goodness sake. At least then it will come to my platform without my having to sweat over it first. Personally, I would love to have this program but I really want it to be a one-click install with automatic updates whenever new versions come out. Do we know any languages that have that?