Some Interest in HotSheet

Well, apparently there are some people interested in HotSheet. It managed to hit the 90% activity level today on SourceForge which makes it the 169th most active project (as measured by downloads, clicks, etc.). That’s gratifying. Now as a friend of mine observed when I explained the project to him today, the software “isn’t exactly rocket science.” No, it’s not rocket science :), but it is a good start toward something that will gather news and make it available in helpful ways.
SourceForge responded to my bug report about problems with posting a new file by posting it for me, but my bug report stands. I hope that means that they are still intending to address the underlying problems I had with posting the file in the first place and they aren’t just doing a band-aid fix to alleviate one particular instance of a wider problem in the file release system. Note: This may sound like looking a gift horse in the mouth. It is not. SourceForge is neat, it’s free, and it’s very very helpful. I just look forward to the day when they’ve squashed a few more of their bugs and they aren’t modifying the software quite as much on an active system. It is easier to develop software that isn’t always perfectly stable if the platform you are doing development on is stable.