HotSheet Bug Fix Release

Various bug fixes and corrections to HotSheet based on user feedback:

  1. The instructions for running HotSheet from the command line (mainly intended for developers working on the code) have quotes around the classpaths. This works better on Mac OS X and retains compatability with Windows. (Thanks to: Aaron Swartz)
  2. A confusing error message that was issued whenever the channel list isn’t found (like the first time you run) has been replaced with something that is actually informative. (Thanks to: Aaron Swartz)
  3. Double clicking on a news item wasn’t working everywhere. I changed the program to use the Java Web Start function to load a browser and display a page when the program is run under Web Start. It will still fall back to the old system when run from the command line though. One small downside is that the Web Start function always opens a new browser to display a given URL, it would be great if they had a flag that let you choose which you wanted but Sun doesn’t provide it. (Thanks to: Richard Katz)

As always, anyone who installed the program via Java Web Start will be automatically upgraded to the new version. Source will be available momentarily on SourceForge as HotSheet 0.51 Alpha.