Java Web Start 1.0.1/Batik 1.0

There are just not enough hours in a day to do all the stuff I want to do. Anyway, to the updates:

  • Java Web Start 1.0.1 is out and it seems faster and has a variety of bug fixes and improvements. One thing to note however is that after installing it HotSheet would not run from the shortcuts it had placed on my desktop and main menu. I had to click on the link on the HotSheet project page and it downloaded, installed, and ran it just fine then. Perhaps installing it dumps the cache of existing applications you already have but it doesn’t get rid of shortcuts you may already have. Anyway, it works great now and starts up quicker too.
  • Want to do nifty vector type graphics from within a Java program but don’t feel like mastering Java 2D in order to do it? Well, one option would be to output a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format file describing the graphics, like a complicated graph for example, and then using Batik 1.0 to render the SVG file. Apache comes through once again with excellent Java technology that you can put to real use in real programs. If you are keen to try it out, use your newly installed copy of Java Web Start and click on the demo link on the Batik website. You can do a one button install of a demonstration of the Batik engine from the page and try it out.