I’ve done work in two areas toward release of the source for HotSheet:

  1. Started writing the developer documents.
  2. Finished a second demonstration application that uses the RSS libraries in HotSheet. The demonstration applications plus the developer docs should be enough for people to get started building new applications using the source.

Last night however I spent a couple of hours watching and fast-forwarding through about six hours of TechTV’s coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). E3 is where lots of game stuff happens every year and this year is a bumper crop of news about what is happening in the console arena.
I watched about a half hour of the Microsoft press conference to unveil the Xbox. It has truly gorgeous graphics and it makes me salivate at the prospect of someday having something like a GeForce 3 (an nVidia graphics chip used in the Xbox) for my PC someday. You can buy one currently but all the boards based on the chipset are in the $500(US) range and that’s way too high for me. It’s just a matter of time before they come down to a level where I can afford one though.
But graphics alone do not make a console successful and the games that I saw demonstrated for the Xbox left me cold. There was another game in the Oddworld series and although it was pretty and smooth, it didn’t thrill me. The first person shooter Halo had numerous framerate stutters during their demonstration. Maybe all that will be ironed out by the release but they are under tremendous time pressure to make sure that title is ready for the Xbox launch date on November 8th.
Aside from announcing the launch date and showing off various titles that will be available on the shipdate Microsoft was also announcing their price point of $299(US). That’s not a big surprise as that’s exactly what a Playstation 2 costs with similar features. Nintendo’s GameCube will probably be under $200(US) and they will ship November 5th but because of its hardware will not be able to play DVDs as both the Xbox and Playstation 2 can.
For me the big surprise of the day was watching the Nintendo press conference and expecting very little going in but coming away impressed with the games I saw on the platform. Luigi’s Mansion actually looks like a lot of fun. Super Smash Brothers was fun on the Nintendo 64 and an updated version of it will likely be fun too. Perhaps I would have been equally impressed by what I saw from Microsoft if I had had the low expectations I had when I started watching Nintendo’s.
Last entry of the day: Adobe Acrobat for the Palm OS (beta)