Visual Programming

Oh, I forgot to mention this. I’m also trying to learn more about visual programming and visual languages. I already had some ideas for doing something with a visual system for laying out a process but a friend of mine is also pushing me along that track because it is relevant to something he wants for some software of his own.
Anyway, the incredibly frustrating thing about this is actually trying to find out anything about it. Every time you go to a web page of somebody who researches this area you can get a laundry list of interesting papers that have been written on the topic but no links to those papers. Everything is just a citation to where it appeared in some IEEE journal or something that I might have access to if I was a professor at a well stocked university. As it stands today though, once you are out of school, getting access to the various research papers in a field is a real hassle. I was really pleased to see that a lot of researchers recently began signing a petition that said that they would only publish their papers in the various journals if the copyright fell back to them after a period so they could make their papers readily available via some form of online publishing. Hopefully the mess that exists today won’t persist into the future.