Why Python?/Potential Fix for Netscape DTD

Eric Raymond has a new editorial titled, "Why Python?" I have been interested in Python for a while now because so many programs need a scripting language built in to give them that next level of functionality. Python seems popular, easier to learn and use than Perl (which I’ve always thought was just one step above APL in terms of being cryptic), and it looks to be easy to interface to Java including one implementation of Python that is written completely in Java. Thus it seems like a tool I need to add to my chest.
The other thing to write about today is that I’ve got a pretty good idea how to fix my HotSheet code but now I have to actually do it. As best I can tell the answer is to replace the entity resolver that the JAXP parser uses. When it requests the traditional Netscape URL for the DTD, I will instead create a new input source using a copy of the DTD I’ll include with every copy of HotSheet. That input source will then be supplied. If it works then I would be able to immediately begin parsing all the RSS files again whether they’ve updated to point to a new DTD or not.