HotSheet Debuts

Wow. Busy weekend, busy Monday.
I had family over for Easter weekend but I still managed to get HotSheet to a somewhat crude alpha state. If you look up at the top of the page you’ll see that there is now a projects page listed. If you go there you will see a link to the HotSheet project page. I’d love to get feedback from anyone who tries to install and use HotSheet. If everything goes the way it is supposed to then Java WebStart will make it as simple as clicking on a link for you to be able to use HS.
If you are sharp-eyed you might also notice that most all of the formerly static HTML pages have gone to JSP. I intended to do that anyway for many of the pages eventually but my hand was forced by how difficult it is to change things within Blogger. If I just wanted to add a new menu item to the top of all the pages I had to change two different templates within Blogger and then tell it to republish my main page and all of the archive pages. The other day when I tried to do that, it just timed out again and again without ever publishing anything. So now all of the JSP replacement pages import the page header so I can change it easily.