Added a Resources Section

Added a Resources link to the site menu. This is far from the only addition I hope you’ll see in the near future. I want the size of the Resources page to at least double or triple. One addition that will help expand the page will be a list of all the books that I just couldn’t live without when I’m developing software.
Next up will be the Projects link. I’ll use it to provide information on specific projects I’m working on like HotSheet. Since HotSheet is basically useful at this point the Projects page will go live when I add just a couple of last details onto HS and I put up the first alpha version.
Lastly, I would like to add a “worth reading” list of links to the front page. Often I sprinkle links inside the musings on the front page but I’d like to have a separate list of links that I don’t think need a lot of explanation. They are just articles that deserve reading.
Unfortunately, after typing in all of the text above late last night, Blogger told me that the database servers log was full when I attempted to post the new entry. When I went back a page to where I had been writing the page no longer had any text on it. I’m glad I hadn’t written something really long that I had to try and recreate. Grrrr…
It’s that kind of thing that shows me just how much end users need a tool that is as easy to use as Blogger, extremely easy to install (because that’s the one area that Blogger obviously benefits from being an application service provider; no installation), and is under their control. Maybe my Freenet projects will wait a little bit after the alpha HotSheet is out so that I can work on the weblogging tool instead.