Job Hunt Continues – The Testing Phase

Job hunt continues. Had to take C++ and Java tests to prove that I really do know something about the languages. Apparently more than ten years of having people pay you to do something is no longer credible evidence. Sigh… I got a 92 on the Java test that TeckChek gives but I only took their C++ test yesterday so I don’t have scores yet on it. I’m expecting that they will be good.
On the plus side, I’ve learned that I’m much closer to Java certification than I realized. I was able to go through a certification book and get 80-90% on the self-test questions at the end of the chapters. Also, I can go over to the online tests at JavaRanch and do the same so I guess I’ll be looking into that sometime soon. Neither Don nor I think it makes sense to rush out and take the test this minute just to say we are certified though.
Moving on…
After about a week long hiatus, I’m back working on HotSheet. It now draws and doesn’t look so darn strange. Why? Because if you want a Java program to look like it really is all normal Swing then you want to make sure that you use Swing colors, borders, etc. wherever you have to do your own drawing (e.g. HotSheet has to use a custom ListCellRenderer for the list of items found). You use the Swing UIManager class to retrieve these borders, colors, etc. but you have to know what the names are for the items so you can retrieve them. I’ve never seen any list at all from Sun but I found a list on the web that gives them all and proved to be very useful.
Mark your calendars for the 25th. That’s when Sun will be having a webcast about JXTA, their peer-to-peer infrastructure that they are pushing for Java. Will it be cool? I have no idea. But Sun has given me enough cool stuff that I’m willing to at least listen to what they are planning to see if I could use it to build something individuals or businesses need.