JDK 1.4/Java Look & Feel/New Business Card

Want to know what is going to be in the Java SDK 1.4? Sun has posted a final draft of the JSR describing it: JSR-059
Lots of other Java news today including one item that should be near and dear to the hearts of Java programmers everywhere but all too often is obviously not. The Java Look & Feel Guidelines 2nd Edition is now available! You don’t even have to buy the thing folks, just go look at the HTML version online whenever you’ve got a UI question (i.e. which menu should this item should go on, what should I put in the title of this error message box, etc.) It takes only a few minutes to go look up one of these answers and people might actually know how to use your application if you tried to be at least a little bit consistent.
Here’s my new business card:

Rockelle and I designed it and I’m really really happy with it.