Design Work on Weblog Tool/Java on Linux

I worked on the weblog tool some Wed. night and hopefully I’ll get more done this weekend.
I installed Java on Linux for the first time today and I had a little trouble but got it working successfully with both the Java Plug-in for Netscape and Java WebStart. At least in my mind, Java is clearly the way to develop and distribute code. When somebody can click once on your webpage and they get a complete application downloaded, installed, and running; that kicks ass! If you should ever update the program, the update will also be automatically downloaded and installed to update the user. Oh, and your code will run without changes on Windows (all modern flavors), Linux, Solaris, and OS X when it ships. Java is a godsend.
Since I did an example program using Java WebStart once before I’ll try to package it up and put up an example program with a link here just to show it in action with something that I actually wrote myself.
P.S. I forgot to add Netscape Sidebars as a potential publishing format for the weblog output when I was making the lists below.