Minor Progress on Projects

Although I didn’t get the two things done over the weekend that I had hoped to (i.e. combine an XML and XSL file and FTP the result via Java) I did get several things accomplished. I learned a great deal more about Blogger and got my own weblog moved into its permanent home at JohnMunsch.com. I also started moving my wife’s site on paper ephemera into its home at EphemeraStudios.com. It’s beyond rough at the moment but eventually it should turn into a cool site where you can download digital versions (at printable resolutions) of paper ephemera.
Lastly, I realized that an old project of mine to build a multiplayer card table where people could play various collectable card games (CCGs) is actually quite a bit easier now with RMI and all the things I’ve learned about Java than it ever would have been with C++ or Visual Basic and DirectX on Windows. Plus the final result will actually run on a variety of platforms. While it’s neat to realize that some of the old stumbling blocks are actually reduced using Java I can’t allow myself to get distracted. I need to stick with the weblog project until I get at least some results out.