All About Web Logging

Web logging is currently fascinating me. You see, I believe that there is a hidden connection between all of the following things and I need to figure out what it is:
RSS, AvantGo, ZWNews, OPML, weblogs, Java, XML-RPC
How can I connect some of these fun pieces to generate somthing useful to me and to others? My initial take of the pieces I’ve found is something like this.
Blogger is both neat and popular. However, the company that put it together is, for all intents and purposes, out of business. The servers will keep working for the forseeable future but there won’t be any significant improvements to the software because there are no engineers to work on it.
Radio Userland offers a downloadable software interface to do some similar things and many things that are more powerful than what Blogger can do, but it is far too complicated and user unfriendly.
ZWNews 5 is the software that I wrote over the course of a couple of years to create a weblog system that was web based and could be used by a collection of administrators at a particular website. It works well, it’s popular with those who have it installed but we’ve not managed to sell nearly as many licenses for it as I would like. However, developing it taught me a lot about building weblogging software and I think it’s about time to develop a new generation of it.